About Us

Let us invite you to our restaurant–pizzeria La Casata, where you can truly experience authentic Italian cuisine while enjoying cozy, home-like atmosphere.

You will not be able to resist our full variety of pasta, made by hand in our kitchen, huge selection of pizza, prepared exclusively over beech wood, or other countless specialties, cooked according to original recipes.
We also offer a wide variety of wine. You can try anything from many areas of Italy from Piemonte to Sicily, or you may opt for only the best Grappa.

Life is too short, so why not enjoy the best food and drinks……….

We look forward to your visit.

Daily Menu

every working day from 11am - 15pm, you can enjoy a selection of lunch menu at a special price...

soup 55,-

main course 170,-

enjoy your meal..... 

When ordering 3 pieces of pizza at once, you will receive the most expensive free!!! When ordering please advise that you take this action 3 for 2, the number of your orders is not limited and valid only when personal pickup, payment is possible only in cash.

Special Menu

beluga black lentil cream soup, shrimp tartare, chive oil, dried carrot   98,-

marinated salmon in beetroot and juniper, dill aioli, bread chips   218,-

ravioli stuffed with salmon and estragon herbs, prosecco and clarified butter sauce, black caviar   271,-

grilled squid tentacles, vegetable tarragon, roasted broccoli, cherry tomatoes, herb demi glace   345,-